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Entry - Blockchain Technology for Revolutionize Banking

The world has changed since the Internet was first discovered 35 years ago. Lack of the Internet today is the number of applications that are centralized, where when one server down, people can no longer use it. Blockchain technology is emerging to revolutionize our technology into a more modern world with a more instant, transparent, and efficient work system without the need to rely on a centralized server.

Blockchain is a data structure that can not be changed only can be added only. Each data from this blockchain is connected where if there is a change in one of the data block it will affect the next data. With this blockchain every transaction from bitcoin is stored in an Open Ledger (Ledger) which is distributed into bitcoin networks. Each blockchain will be distributed to each computer connected to the network. In each addition of data there will be check whether the data is valid or not which is usually called mining process or known in other term Proof of work.

Blockchain was first introduced by a person or group who named himself Satotshi Nakamoto in 2008. This technology is used in the first cryptocurrency of Bitcoin. Blockchain is a technological solution that revolutionizes the workings of the internet, banking and applications without the server. The excess will cut the function of many third party cost such as fee fee, administration and others.

From the technology then appears a variety of new coins with hardfork techniques against bitcoin. This growth makes the cryptocurrency market will continue to grow, Bitcoin dominance is expected to continue to decrease. In 2016 Bitcoin's market share is still about 85 percent. In 2017 Bitcoin dominance fell to the level of 40 percent. This means more and more altcoin growing. In the year 2017 some altcoins that experienced tremendous growth include: Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash. In 2018 it is estimated that Bitcoin's dominance will be lower. It is not impossible that Bitcoin's throne as a cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization will be captured by Ethereum or Ripple. One indication of the faded charm of Bitcoin is the loss of support from site managers who are disillusioned with the development of Bitcoin and have swapped all of its Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash.

However, only a few altcoin-altcoins are stable in the cryptocurrency market. This is expected because the new coin holders are unfaithful. The coin holders only use to speculate and make a profit. It is also possible because of the use of coins that are less useful and have no innovation to fight the existing financial industry. So customers will sell coins and switch to traditional technology.

In the traditional finance industry, especially banks that still adopt traditional system, many problems occurred before that made a loss for customers. Such problems are like

  • Carding is shopping using the number and identity of someone else's credit card, which is obtained illegally, usually by stealing data on the internet. The name of the culprit is "carder". Another term for this type of crime is cyberfroud aka fraud in cyberspace.
  • Hacking is through a computer program owned by other people / parties. Hackers are people who like ngoprek computer, have the skills to create and read certain programs and obsessed observe its security.
  • Cracking is a hacking for bad purposes. Unlike the "carder" that only peeps credit cards, "crackers" peek savings of customers in various banks or other sensitive data centers for their own benefit. Although both break through the security of other people's computers, "hackers" focus more on the process. While Cracker focus on enjoying the result.
  • Defacing is the activity of changing the pages of other sites / websites.
  • Phishing is a fishing activity of computer users on the internet (user) in order to provide information on user's self data (username) and password (password) on a website that has been deface. Phising is usually intended for the online banking users. The user data entry and password are vital. Fraudulent emails that seem to come from a store, bank or credit card company. This email invites you to do various things such as verifying credit card information, updating passwords and more.

With the presence of safe and reliable and transparent blockchain technology we offer solutions from Entry. Entry is Money, Exchange, Cash, Bank, Network. For more details about Entry please visit Official Website, read whitepaper and join in Telegram Entry. We believe this project will be successful and if you are interested please participate in the Entry project on this link.


Entry is an industrial platform based on the blockade of Ethereum that is empowered by smart contracts. The entry platform not only acts as a bank by offering easy deposit, payment and lending services, cross-border payments, convenient ATM / withdrawal facilities, but also as a currency exchange for businesses and consumers alike. This service will make it easier for many businesses with various benefits as we know blockchain can eliminate the role of third parties in the payment process and others.

Entry has a mission to help cryptocurrency achieve conformity to everyday transactions and to open up the crypto finance world for every citizen such as:

  • To keep transparent records of all transactions in the ecosystem.
  • To expand the use of cryptocurrency for purchases and payments around the business world.
  • To create a simple and versatile platform to revolutionize traditional methods of handling the banking system.
  • ENTRY's comprehensive product and banking services package will ensure new standards in banking and financial services.

Entry business model consists of 6 main elements:


Entry.Money is a crypto currency and fiat payment gateway for e-shops that can be easily accessed through web and mobile app versions. It will provide IBAN (International bank Account Number) to every user of ENTRY to enable them to store blockchain assets in their accounts. Entry.Money allows the users to deposit, store, withdraw and transfer fiat as well as crypto currency. Merchants will be able to trade in their own currency (say Euro for now), giving freedom to buyers to use any crypto currency for purchase (say BTC). Entry.Money ensures that the merchant receives the payment in Euro; this process of conversion and transfer will subsequently bring liquidity on Entry.Exchange.

Entry.Money VS Other Competitors 


Entry.Exchange acts as a virtual clearing-house for all transactions occurring on the ENTRY Platform. It is compatible with major existing payment technologies. It will be connected to other exchanges to maintain liquidity for all platform operations. It will have ENTRY Token as one of the main exchange pair in Entry.Exchange and reward those who will hold ENTRY Token in their account. We aim to enlist our Token on Entry.Exchange after the closure of ICO. Since all the services will be active before the end of Token offering, Entry will have a huge user base when it will enlist its Token on exchange. Therefore, this will facilitate the growth of ENTRY services and lead to an appreciation in the value of ENTRY Token.

Entry.Exchange VS Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges 


Entry.Network will provide an underlying financial platform for third party partners, developers and other financial service companies. This platform will be creating a framework that will empower our partners to build further financial products and services on our core banking platform. The entire architecture of the Entry.Network will be structured through bank APIs for scalability and flexibility.

Entry.Network VS Other Wallets 


Entry.Bank is a digital bank with traditional banking services provided using blockchain technology. Entry.Bank will provide traditional banking services of deposit and payment to its users. Users can deposit blockchain assets in their Entry.Bank accounts and make easy payments to individuals, merchants or any other entity. Transactions flowing through ENTRY Token as the main currency of the platform will have a network effect and add financial value to the Token.

Entry.Bank VS Other Cryptocurrency Bank Services 


Cash machine/ATM system. Transfer, cash out or top up with cash (using agents or cash machines). Payment gateway for POS (real shops, service providers). Payment cards will also be added in the future for ease of access for both fiat and crypto.


Will be used in ENTRY platform as main cryptocurrency. Used in other platforms as main or side cryptocurrency. Tradable in exchanges.

Benefits and Value of ENTRY Token

  • The company will offer saving account to increase ENTRY Tokens, prevent speculating. This will allow ENTRY holders earn interest on their holdings.
  • ENTRY Token will motivate market participants to use ENTRY for transactions and savings as compared to speculation. This will allow the currency to grow into its role as a store of value as compared to the current speculation hype in major Tokens.
  • ENTRY Token will allow streamlining the functioning of the entire ENTRY platform and will help maintaining liquidity in ENTRY platform.
  • As the usage of ENTRY Token increases for business and transactions, the Token will be available in more and more places. This will have a parallel effect on the market of the ENTRY Token. The ENTRY will also see a long-term usage due to the business growth and network effect taken place.
  • You can use ENTRY Tokens to pay for any fees on our platform, including but not limited to: exchange fees, withdraw fees, listing fees, premium services or any other fee/service when you use ENTRY to pay for fees/services, you will receive a significant discount.
  • In the future, ENTRY will build a fully functional ecosystem where ENTRY would be used as one of the key base assets and main currency in whole business.
  • ENTRY in the future will launch ENTRY2 stable coin. This coin will ensure of ENTRY ecosystem and users growth in all possible ways as less speculative coin. More users and business join ENTRY ecosystem, more holders for ENTRY token to receive a significant discounts for usage.

Entry Insight

Entry wants to disenfranchise toll takers who are not adding any value to ecosystem. It believes in value generation for all stakeholders and its goal is to onboard as many users as possible to enjoy economies of scale. The pricing of its services will be kept low so that billions in the developing world can also join this fintech revolution.

For detailed info on 6 elements in Entry business please read whitepaper and visit Official Website or you can view this video.

Token Sale 

Before the launch of ENTRY platform, it will undergo a Token sale exercise. The funds raised in the ICO will be utilized by the team to develop the ENTRY platform.

ENTRY Token ICO sale details
The price of ENTRY Tokens will depend on ICO stage:

ENTRY Token distribution 


Entry is a project that bridges between traditional finance with modern technology that is cryptocurrency blockchain. Entry has a mission To keep transparent records of all transactions in the ecosystem; To expand the use of cryptocurrency for purchases and payments around the business world; To create a simple and versatile platform to revolutionize traditional methods of handling the banking system; The comprehensive package of products and banking services ENTRY will ensure new standards in banking and financial services. With the mission Entry project presents an ecosystem with 6 major elements of Entry Money, Entry Exchange, Entry Network, Entry Bank, Entry Cash, ENTRY Token. All these elements will facilitate the token holders and business actors who participate in this project. With the ease offered by Entry project we believe the project will be successful and its value will continue to rise. Therefore please participate on ICO Entry at the following link.

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