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Smart Containers - Application of Blockchain on Logistics Ecosystem

Logistics is more than just delivering goods to consumers. The term logistics covers a much broader aspect such as warehousing, inventory management, billing, packaging, labeling, shipping, cash on delivery, payment, and much more. Challenges in the logistics side vary from how to ensure products are in accordance with the wishes of consumers in a timely manner, minimize to eliminate the possibility of product defects, to the provision of reverse logistics. Reverse logistics is required when consumers request product returns for damage or if they want to redeem types, sizes, product colors, and other things.

Technology is also increasingly being used for ease of logistics monitoring. Various media such as emails, newsletters, social media, advertisements, short messages and telephones are used to communicate with consumers and notify current information about the status of their order delivery. One example of the best logistics company is Smart Containers. With highly sophisticated container technology to meet these criteria so that vaccine and liquid drug products are up to consumers without any damage due to shipping or logistics processes. One of the experienced companies in logistics.

Smart Containers is a group company located in Switzerland with worldwide logistics coverage. Smart Containers has the technology that provides the safest temperature controlled containers to transport sensitive pharmaceutical and food items around the world. Smart Containers management has detected an opportunity to change the game to create a fully integrated and seamless logistics ecosystem, open to all entities in the industry and based on blockchain technology. Blockchain is an irreversible data structure that can only be added and this technology is introduced together with Bitcoin by a person or group calling itself Satoshi Nakamoto. Each data from this blockchain is connected where if there is a change in one of the data block it will affect the next data. With this blockchain every transaction of bitcoin is stored in an Open Ledger that is distributed into bitcoin networks. Each blockchain will be distributed to each computer connected to the network. In each addition of data there will be check whether the data is valid or not which is usually called mining process or known in other term Proof of work.

Application of blockchain technology in the logistics industry will be created by Smart Containers company with the name of LOGI CHAIN ​​ecosystem. To build and drive this open source ecosystem, the utility token will be created with the LOGI token name. An independent platform will be the sentinel of LOGI tokens and the economy of LOGI CHAIN. To fund this project, a small portion of a $ 4m LOGI token will be offered to the crypto community. To better understand the offer of Smart Containers project please read the following paragraph or more detail please visit Official Website, read whitepaper and join in Smart Containers Telegram. We believe this project will be successful and if you are interested please participate in ICO Smart Containers project on this link.

Smart Containers

Smart Containers is a project that will be implemented by a group company called Smart Containers Group which owns SkyCell division & FoodGuardians division. SkyCell Division is the first division of the Smart Containers Group focusing on pharmaceutical goods delivery and FoodGuardians division is a division that focuses on delivering high quality materials or food. By practicing Good Distribution Practices (GDP) or Good Supply Practices (GSP) in less than 5 years, SkyCell has grown to become the fourth largest provider of pharmaceutical containers with globally available pools, strong client base, strategic partnerships (Emirates & Cargolux ) and over 80 team members worldwide (35 employees and 45 subcontractors). Our company is growing rapidly, and we are very proud of what we have achieved very quickly.

Smart Containers have the goal of securing sensitive items and ensuring no one has ever received compromised products. To realize that goal Smart Containers Group has a very sophisticated container. The unique combination of cutting-edge hardware, highly efficient software and unique services, has put Smart Containers Group as a fast growing service provider and a very attractive investment proposition with potential outbound scenarios in years. The container is very easy to apply to various shipping. Smart Containers container fleet today

Smart Containers has identified an important opportunity to create a fully integrated and seamless logistics ecosystem, open to all participants in the industry and based on blockchain technology. This ecosystem will be called LOGI CHAIN. The goal is to remove paper and disconnected information such as email. The second step is to automate the billing of the container through smart contract and cryptocurrency.

Here's how it works: The physical logistics unit (eg, container, parcel, product, etc.) is reflected as a virtual product (chip) in the blockchain infrastructure. A virtual chip is available for each user at minimal cost. The various documents and attributes can be linked to the chip and can be accessed by the relevant parties in the process (eg customs officers, shipping companies, contractors, shippers, buyers, warehouse workers).

Some documents will be open to the public and can be viewed by everyone on a public blockchain like Ethereum. Other more sensitive and private documents will require a permissioned blockchain infrastructure such as Fabric or Corda. Other infrastructures such as NEM, EOS or NEO are considered as well. The different parties in the shipping process will access the documents through an open source reader.

To build and fuel this open source ecosystem, a utility token will be created under the name LOGI token. All transactions made in the LOGI CHAIN will be paid in LOGI tokens. There will be a finite amount of 100 m LOGI tokens created, and only a minority of them (20%) will be released during the ICO process, funding the first two years of costs for the development of the ecosystem with USD 4 m. The independent foundation board will be the sentinel of the LOGI token and the LOGI CHAIN economics. We expect the LOGI token to appreciate over time since more and more players will enter the ecosystem and the coin supply is limited. The LOGI token will become the premier reference payment currency to process a shipment efficiently worldwide.

Smart Containers Coins

Smart Containers is releasing two tokens (SMARC & LOGI), therefore creating two opportunities for potential investors.

SMARC Coin – This is a profit share token with funds used to scale FoodGuardians and SkyCell. 20% of future exit profits and dividends will be paid out in ETH to tokens holders.

  • SMARC Coin token sale:
  • Total token supply: 150m
  • Tokens offered in ICO: 120m (80%)
  • Hard Cap: USD $36m
  • Full token price: USD $0.432 per SMARC

Use of collected funds

LOGI Coin – A utility token and the currency that will fuel the LOGI CHAIN ecosystems (payment of smart contract transactions). Logistics players will use it to gain access to and pay for a seamless and integrated shipping process with all documents put on the blockchain.

  • LOGI Coin token sale:
  • Total token supply: 100m
  • Tokens offered in ICO: 20m (20%)
  • Hard Cap: USD $4m
  • Full token price: USD $0.285 per LOGI

Use of collected funds

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