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Wemark - Professional Marketplace for Digital Content Blockchain-based

The Internet is a computer network system that is connected to each other all over the world. This network allows users to exchange information with each other indefinitely. But unlike television, cars, or light bulbs, the internet is not found by just one person. Recorded in the history of the internet developed in such a way that we meet it today. The first time the internet was introduced in the United States more than 50 years ago. The development that is currently experiencing the internet world is very rapid. Formerly the internet can only be enjoyed certain people only and its function is limited, now everyone can use it without exception with access to information that much wider and more diverse functions. It is certainly ditennggarai by the great discoveries that exist on the internet itself. Perhaps only certain local communities that have not accessed the Internet, because the construction of the Internet network is not evenly distributed.

We as internet users in modern times will certainly be very useful when studying about the history of the establishment of the internet, as a sign of our gratitude because the internet today is able to change the civilization of the world. Because we think maybe a lot of people are very dependent on the internet in their daily life, ranging from the use of social media as entertainment, video and music or business photo sharing, reading interesting articles on the website, to chat with friends nearby. The Internet is growing so rapidly, it can be proven by the emergence of billions of sites in the world.

Of the billions of sites there are several types of sites that can generate dollars because of the work we upload in the site. As an example of two giant company copyright photo rulers namely Shutterstock and Getty. The site is often referred to as a digital content marketplace. An account uploading their photographic content or work will get a percentage when their content is purchased by other users. But here the company still get more profit. This is an obstacle for a photographer who has a high value work but earns a smaller percentage of dollars than the marketplace earning for that digital content.

With the development of internet born technology called blockchain. Blockchain is an irreversible data structure that can only be added and this technology is introduced together with Bitcoin by a person or group calling itself Satoshi Nakamoto. Each data from this blockchain is connected where if there is a change in one of the data block it will affect the next data. With this blockchain every transaction of bitcoin is stored in an Open Ledger that is distributed into bitcoin networks. Each blockchain will be distributed to each computer connected to the network. In each addition of data there will be check whether the data is valid or not which is usually called mining process or known in other term Proof of work.

The blockchain technology will be applied to a digital content marketplace under the name Wemark. Wemark is a project that uses blockchain to allow the creation of distributed markets across all content types, and linking them in decentralized networks, creating alternative distribution systems without intermediaries. To better understand the offer about Wemark project please read the following paragraph or more detailed information please visit Official Website Wemark, read Whitepaper Wemark and join in Telegram Wemark. We believe this project will be successful and if you are interested please participate on the ICO Wemark project on this link.


Wemark is a content marketplace platform that uses blockade-based Ethereum technology with a series of smart contracts, developed to empower the exchange of distributed digital content. A series of smart contracts on the Wemark platform will be the protocol that will replace the core responsibilities of the Wemark platform such as Licensing, Payments, Revenue Distribution and Storage Access.

Each agreement includes a range of prices to license content, license terms to be issued to users, distribution fees to be paid to the platform, and a percentage of each sale to be paid for referrals. Once signed electronically, the contract and its terms will be used on blockchain. The blockchain booklet is public property, unchanged and secure. Once deployed, no party may alter, delete, or refuse the terms of the agreement. The only way to change the terms of the agreement is to get approval from all concerned parties. In addition Wemark also uses automatic payment for content creators. With automatic payment processing and distribution, the Wemark protocol allows for multiple parties to be rewarded for each sale without involving any intermediaries.

Wemark’s Advantages for Photographers

Photographers keep all the rights to their content
All licenses are issued directly through the Wemark protocol. Wemark is eligible to distribute the content, but cannot sell or license it without the protocol. The times when creators had to trust marketplace to license their content and report back their earnings are over.

Photographers control the pricing of their photos
Wemark will introduce different pricing options and tiers. Content cannot be licensed without the photographer’s approval on price and tier.

Photographers keep much more of their revenue
Wemark sets a new standard with 85% royalty payment to photographers – 5 times higher than the industry average of 15-20%. If we decide to decrease our royalty-rate in the future, it will never affect existing photographers without their consent – their distribution terms are immutable as part of the Wemark protocol.

Photographers benefit from higher transparency
Wemark’s distributed marketplace approach guarantees, by design, full transparency regarding all payments, licenses and revenue distribution. The protocol will ensure the privacy of customers, while providing a way for photographers to identify copyright infringement, license overuse, use of their photos that should be restricted and other license violations.

Photographers will be able to trust the system
The blockchain-based protocol is immutable and autonomous. No one can manipulate the system – the code that operates it will be public and open-sourced. This creates a new level of trust in digital content distribution - everyone trusts everyone else because the system does not require trust to operate.

For better understand this project please view this video

For you a Photographers advantage offered by Wemark is an opportunity to get more revenue from your content. In addition, if you are an investor we recommend you to participate in this project because we believe with greater revenue on Wemark than traditional marketplace will bring Photographers to collaborate on Wemark Platform. Please participate in the following link.

Wemark Token

Wemark is introducing a dedicated token to power a direct economy for digital content.Wemark Tokens (WMK), are intended to serve as a native payment system for the network, and reward all the relevant parties for creating, distributing and promoting digital content.

Wemark Token Details

  • Token Name : WMK
  • Total Token Supply : 135,000,000
  • Price 1 WMK : 0.2 USD
  • Type : ERC20-Ethereum
  • Accepting : ETH
  • TGE (Token Generation Event) Start Date : July 24th, 2018
  • TGE End Date : Aug 7th, 2018
  • Soft cap : $1,500,000
  • Hard cap : $8,000,000
  • Country : Israel

Token Allocation


The essence of our strategy is the Wemark Protocol, which uses blockchain to enable the creation of distributed markets across all content types, and linking them in decentralized networks, creating alternative distribution systems without intermediaries. Our first use case is - a distributed market for stock photography. Stock photography is a super-central $ 4B industry, with agencies like Shutterstock and Getty Images controlling many markets. Because customers have relationships with agencies, and not directly with photographers, stock photo agencies have developed a number of important customers. This leaves photographers with limited alternatives but to grant most of the rights, control, and earnings of their photographs to these agents. Network effects have made Shutterstock and Getty much more powerful than any individual photographer. Over the past 15 years, this has enabled them to consistently increase the fees they charge for distribution, which is now the highest among all types of digital content. These agencies now charge up to 85% of the price of their photo sales, even though they do not produce their own content. Our first distributed market ( allows photographers to reach a global audience, while retaining most of the benefits provided to distribute their content without intermediaries. Customers will be able to license commercial photos that are curated directly from leading photographers. Innovative inventions, collaboration, and curation tools also enhance the ability for customers to find and manage the content they need. Wemark introduces a special token to empower the immediate economy for digital content. Wemark Tokens, or WMK, will serve as the original payment system for the network, and reward all concerned to create, distribute and promote digital content. Wemark Tokens will allow the direct licensing of content between the creator and the customer, without any third parties or intermediaries involved in the process. Wemark is supported by VCs from Israel and Silicon Valley, and a diverse advisory board of industry experts with extensive experience in stock photography, network effects, markets, copyright, blockchain, security, venture capital, and more.

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